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February 21, 2014


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BY GILLIAN CAFIERO Cybersecurity firms have been raising fiery alarms about incumbent ‘Hacktivist’ threats for over a decade. After the Manning and Snowden cases, the press jumped on the bandwagon and connoted ‘hacktivism’ with espionage, war, terrorism and crime. However, the term has not always been used to denote sinister behavior and many still define it as a means to achieving positive social change. So just how big and bad…

Standing Up for Sitting Down

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BY Seb Ash Bristol City, the object of my obsessive and irrational affection, has been on a downward spiral since our loss to Hull Tigers in the Championship Play-Off Final six years ago. Now listing at the bottom of League One, the club is looking for a way to reinvent itself and start drawing fans back into the stadium. Their latest ploy has been to lead the way amongst league…

McDonald’s Enter into Vietnam: Opportunities for a Latecomer

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BY Thao Nguyen The latest update of the Big Mac Index has added a new entry – Vietnam – as McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the country’s economic centre on 8th February. Vietnam marks the 120th country in which the American foodservice retailer has a presence. The world’s largest fast food company enters Vietnam almost 17 years after the fried-chicken giant KFC made the…

Student Perspective: London tube strikes

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BY Susan Kumah I was kicked off two buses last week. Yes two. One I can definitely deal with, but the second time, it felt kind of personal. It was as if London herself was summoning the masses to walk on her ground; to experience direct contact with her, away from the suffocating frameworks of motorized transportation. However, in reality it was just a tube strike and the only contact…