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September 8, 2014

Did I really need to buy a blender for freshers?

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My new Breville Blend Active Blender – complete with a 57 smoothie recipe book – has been sitting patiently in the corner of my bedroom for three days now, counting down the days before my start at LSE. I can already anticipate the number of times I will undoubtedly use its seven speed settings and superseal leak proof lid. When staggering back to my halls at god-knows-what-hour, I can already…

SU Nona: “I love the new Beaver Online”

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After The Beaver relaunched its website, Nona Buckley-Irvine, General Secretary of the Students’ Union, was among those to praise the new design. Speaking to Beaver Online, Nona said that “the Beaver has always been one of the best things about our student life, and with the launch of its amazing new website it will only go further in being the best student newspaper around”. “The new website looks professional and…