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September 26, 2014

Five Big Tunes for Freshers

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Freshers Week is around the corner. Yeah, it’s come around quickly, hasn’t it? Anyway, in honour of this week of carnage, I’ve picked a few songs that over the past couple of years have been rinsed. Well, ‘rinsed’ to some and ‘timeless’ to others. Without further ado.. Freshers 2012 Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child Every. Single. Day. This song followed us around and many a long cold…

Men’s Rugby help deliver The Beaver’s first 2014/15 edition

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Earlier today, four members of Men’s Rugby helped The Beaver carry thousands of newspapers across campus. The new edition is orientated around Freshers and Freshers Week, and is the first published under the watch of 2014/15’s Executive Editor, Jon Allsop. Speaking about the issue, Jon said, “after much hard work over the summer, and particularly over the last week, we were delighted to take receipt of 4,000 copies of the…

Review: Fat White Family

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Seeing the Brixton-based sextet live expect frontman Lias Saoudi to be naked, waving his wedding tackle about in an unseemly fashion. The band will be pilled up with little sense of give-a-shit or respect for common decency, but you’re unlikely to care. Scratchy sideburns, impromptu props, and squashed hair from sleeping in a pub – the band are a glorious mess of anger, wit, grime, and a talent for odd…

The special case of opposition to East Asian LGBT+ Rights

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‘It’s the same experience but different in its details’. This (albeit slightly abridged) quote came from one of my friends in Beijing when I asked him if the experiences of LGBT+’s in Asia, particularly his own, were comparable to those who experienced a Western social environment. While it’s true that the rights of LGBT+ individuals have made massive strides in recent years (and also some pretty drastic backward ones in…