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November 13, 2014

The Value of Human Life in Other Parts of the World

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Read the following carefully: “My name is Sam Brick. I come from a small town in Texas. The USA is a developing country in the West haunted by local rogue groups engaging in terrorist activities globally. My father and sister recently died due to a drone strike carried out by an affluent country in the East which targeted some of these terrorists. The justification provided for this was how essential…

When exchanges get too fast and too furious

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The IEX, a new alternative trading platform which famously limits the speed at which prospective users can trade, celebrates its first birthday

Review: The Scottsboro Boys

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By Gabrielle Beran The Scottsboro Boys is no happy tale, forget the glitter and fluff of other West End favourites Wicked or Matilda, this musical has guts and packs a real punch. The musical is based on the devastatingly true story of nine African-American teens obviously wrongly imprisoned in depression-soaked Alabama. Setting off on a train through the deep South in search of work, the boys are falsely accused of…

The Rise of Regionalism: An International Phenomenon

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Not a single state in the entirety of the United Nations recognises the autonomous province of Somaliland as an independent nation; indeed, the only international community that formally recognises it is the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation. This has, however, hardly perturbed the administration, who have proclaimed their right to self-determination as an independent state ever since the collapse of the Somalian central government in 1991. Against the unpredictable social…