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January 12, 2015

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie Hebdo

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This article condemns the actions of the gunmen who this week took the lives of 12 people in Paris: 10 staff of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine and two police officers. It was a senseless act of violence for which there is no justification. If you were seeking support for the “they had it coming” argument please stop reading now. Secondly I will defend to the hilt the rights of the…

The Gaze: the PartB Interview with Artist Mark Neville

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Mark Neville’s work is currently on show in the Atrium Gallery till the 23rd of January. Additionally, he is speaking as part of a panel on the 13th of January. The panel will discuss effective ways of communicating and changing inequality, centring on the work of artist Mark Neville and feature several academics and journalists. by Jade Jackman Flickering, presence, thoughts and a sense of potential are wrapped up in…