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February 26, 2015

LSESU TERRA Society, Feminist Society and Film Society Screening: Is Pocahontas a Racist Movie?

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By Mercedes Doménech Enseñat, Deputy News Editor Last week, the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) Students Union (SU) Terra Society, in a collaboration with LSESU Feminist Society and LSESU Film Society, hosted a screening of popular movie Pocahontas, which is part of Disney’s princess franchise. The aim of the event was to create a platform for healthy discussion on colonialism, feminism and native american rights as portrayed…

LSE100, Will You Be My Valentine?

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By Shanice Khoo Love and nationalism both exist for the purpose of harmonious living, both may be watered-down into a checklist of factors, and both are in decay. We know, from our expansive LSE100 knowledge, that the force of globalisation has dimmed nationalist fervour. The same apathetic attitude is found towards love. Four in ten Americans are disbelievers of marriage, rejecting all the romance attributed to it. Are we spiralling-down…

7th Annual Literary Festival focuses on foundations of knowledge

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By Amy Scoville-Weaver, News Writer The London Schools of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) will be hosting the seventh Annual Space for Thought Literary Festival through 23-28 Feb 2015. The festival will feature a series of lectures, workshops as well as movie screenings and other side events. This year’s unique theme is titled ‘Foundations’ and calls upon the LSE and wider-London communities to explore deeply the foundations of knowledge, society,…

LSESU UN Society Spreads The Love On Valentine’s Day.

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By Victoria Cheah, News Writer Last week, whilst everyone was all still caught up in the hype of Valentine’s day, some students may have received an anonymous e-mail or text to pick up a Valentine’s Candy Bag on Friday 13th of February. Attached to each hand packed bag was a handwritten note from friends, lovers or anonymous admirers. Each bag, wrapped with care and effort, was in support of children…