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March 19, 2015

Let Me Make Up My Own Mind On Meat

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For a university made up of fully-grown adults, there is a staggering amount of parental supervision on campus. Want to listen to some music in the SU? Fine – so long as it’s not ‘Blurred Lines’. Should we condemn anti-Semitism? The SU has had a vote on it for you. Should we condemn islamophobia? The SU has beaten you to it, in case you were undecided. You’re male and want…

White Privilege: Not A Black And White Issue

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By Dominic Tighe White Privilege exists. There are personal advantages that come with being a member of the largest racial group in this country. You are likely to be on average wealthier and have better connections than non-white people. You are less likely to be stopped by the police (in some areas of London you are 20 times more likely to be stopped by the police as a black person)….

Active Lifestyle Football Section – Final Round-Up

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By Seb Chan     Last October, LSESU received a generous sum of funding from Sport England to start the Active Lifestyle Programme. The aim is to get more students into sports. I took the prerogative to run the football section given my past experiences. The programme has offered other opportunities such as netball, squash, belly dancing and more. After two terms, I will look back with pride in my…