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October 26, 2015

How Canada’s Future Will Be Shaped By Justin Trudeau

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by Rustam Yusif-Zadeh Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has secured victory in the Canadian general election, becoming the second-youngest Canadian Prime Minister at 43 and thrusting liberalism back to the forefront of Canada’s citadel of power. With the Liberal Party winning 184 seats, with 39% of the vote, compared to 2011 when the party was decimated and gained only 34 seats, this election win signals a significant departure in public…

Netball Dominate at St Bart’s

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. LSE’s Netball 1st team pocketed a solid win scoring 63 goals against St Bart’s 2nds conceding only 15. The team started off strong with a 14 goal lead in the first quarter and continued on such a role throughout the match, scoring an amazing 22 goals in the third quarter. The attack gave St. Bart’s’ defence a run for their money. Maisie Simmonds, Harriet Arnone and Molly avery as…

The Recurring US Gun Problem

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BY GRIFF FERRIS The details of the Oregon shootings are just coming to light, and it appears to be another mass-murder of the kind which all too frequently plagues America. It must seem an unpleasant case of déjà vu to the American people. This most recent gun-related tragedy was perpetrated, yet again, by a disaffected individual, who, as a result of the US obsession with the Second Amendment, was able to arm himself and murder innocent…