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November 11, 2015

The Government Should Continue With Its Plan To Cut Tax Credits

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by Benjamin Thomas The issue of cuts to tax credits has dominated the discussion in recent weeks, returning political attention to the domestic sphere, kicking off constitutional debates, and taking up two straight PMQs. The opposition, and Jeremy Corbyn in particular, have framed this issue as the classically heartless Tories deliberately hurting working families. This critique revolves around the question, asked six times on the 28th of October, of whether anyone…

Choosing a Career with Social Impact

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by Layla Doyle When I say ‘social impact’, what exactly do I mean? Well, generally, I’m referring to careers that are centred around improving the lives of vulnerable people and effecting social and cultural change in society. Ensuring equality of opportunity actually means something by working towards levelling the playing field from which we all start. I work as a Brand Manager at LSE for Frontline, a leadership development graduate…

The Rise of a Surveillance State

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by Yllka Krasniqi In the age of technology, invasion of privacy is dangerous. When many people use their phones, laptops, iPads and other tech gadgets everyday across the UK, we would assume that only we are able to read our messages and emails. It seems that this may be coming to an end with Theresa May introducing the Investigatory Powers Bill, or more commonly known as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ to…