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November 19, 2015

Zoo Bar: An Unrequited Love

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  Zoo is probably one of the most quintessentially LSE places that possibly exists. It’s tragic but in a ‘we don’t care we like finance’ kinda way and we hold it as a weekly pilgrimage that is as much a part of LSE as bashing game theory. Zoo and I begin all our encounters with optimism. But lets be honest, the fact you have to bring a plastic bag just to…

The Return of the Tape

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You know things are bound to go wrong when Rosebery’s open bar runs out over an hour before expected. It’s fair to say that Monday night was a messy one, partly thanks to our committee’s eagerness in reviving that Fresher’s feeling and purchasing a hideous amount of alcohol (sorry guys, as your treasurer I feel I’m partly to blame). But the excitement for  Tape was back. The last couple of Mondays…