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December 3, 2015

The SU Are Ignoring Student Interests By Booking Out The Venue On Wednesday

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The entire situation regarding the hiring of The Venue has highlighted issues with the way that the Union handles the AU and students more generally. Student satisfaction is well below the Russell Group average and currently the emphasis is on the School itself to implement changes. However, the hiring out of the Venue on a Wednesday night highlights the fact that the SU need to also look inward to solve…

Post-Paris: Defiance Not ‘Security’

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by Nina Webb, In the wake of the Paris attacks, security has been tightened across Europe. A place particularly hard hit was Belgium, where the suspected gunman from the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, remains at large. Brussels was essentially in lockdown last week, with the alert level being at four (the highest level possible) for much of the week. The Metro and most of public transport were closed, as were…

Where’s Our Venue?

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WEDNESDAY NIGHT SAW the launch of the AU tour. Sportsvest, the chosen tour operator for this year, reps were out in force with freebies, party discounts and even free tour places. However this event did not take place in the standard setting for AU Wednesday nights, the Venue, it took place a mile away at Piccadilly Institute. The LSESU booked out the Venue for a corporate client, a decision that…

Drug Laws Do More Harm Than Good

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by Hakan Ustabas, A recent petition in favour of decriminalising cannabis in the UK has reached well over 200,000 signatures.  In response to this, a Parliamentary committee discussed the issue.  However, the government released a statement saying that there “are no plans to legalise cannabis as it would not address the harm to individuals and communities.”  Their position highlights the unfortunate – and frankly embarrassing – position that Western states…

Policy Theft: The Semantics of Politics

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by Hugo Bromley, Ah, the joys of the National Living Wage. The centrepiece of the July budget, and a political masterstroke of such remarkable proportions that the quiet man really did, for the first time in his life, in the middle of the House of Commons, turn up the volume (poor old Ian Duncan Smith; he’s never going to live that one down, is he…). But listen, what is this…

We Should Not Place Limits On Refugees

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by Paula Grabosch, “It pains me that Sweden is no longer capable of receiving asylum seekers at the high level we do today. We simply cannot do any more.” With those words Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, ended Sweden’s open-door policy towards refugees last Tuesday. More specifically, fewer refugees will be granted the right to stay, more residence permits will be limited, and getting family members into the country for…