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February 5, 2016

Sports Ambassador Programme: A Step in the Right Direction for LSE Sport

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By India Steele, Deputy Sports Editor This year we have witnessed the growth of LSE’s Sports Ambassador programme promising greater support and recognition of high-performing athletes within the Athletics Union. Whilst the scheme has been in place for the last few years it was boosted this year to try and include more athletes at LSE and work more closely with the Athletics Union in supporting its ambassadors in their training, work…

New Year, New LSE

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2016 came around and it seems like the whole of LSE has decided to make their New Year resolution to go out less. That, and to go out better – a.k.a no more painful nights of regret, downing jagerbombs like fruit juice at Saucy. If your drinking and general sinning over the Christmas holidays hadn’t persuaded you to revaluate your life and change your ‘I’m a fresher this year doesn’t…