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March 3, 2016

Auburn: The Musical

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  By Daniel Cayford LSE, it appears we have creativity! It is with great relief and reassurance to see that we have peers who can think outside of the box, as well as outside of the books. From a twinkling idea, to concentrated exchanges of musical passion in a bedroom, to a public stage in the big wide world (Logan Hall, Central London), Alex Leung and Laine Caruzca have created…

Interview with Dr Ethan Nadelmann ; Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance

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By Taryana Odayar. 

The Meaning of Just Banter

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by Bobby Gard-Storry, If you need to justify an act as ‘a bit of banter’, then it wasn’t. Not because of the act itself, but because of the justification. If it truly was the type of act that had been known as ‘banter’ for centuries before ‘lads’ came along, then no justification would ever be necessary because, while offence might be something taken not given, banter (real banter, good banter,…

Quantified Self: Our Days are Numbered

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by Julia Slupska, Sometimes, at debate competitions, the ‘tab’ (a ranking with the day’s team and speaker score) is released online before everyone leaves the pub. Conversations peter out as debaters huddle around smartphones, analysing their performance in each round: 70, 74, 75, 63 (ouch), 71. A telepathy device, or a keen sense for gossip, would allow you to read thousands of petty rivalries and entrenched jealousies into those numbers:…

Pro-Palestinian is not Anti-Semitism

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by Muhummed Cassidy, The allegation of anti-Semitism has been thrown around so as to silence any legitimate criticism of the Israeli Government’s continued breaches of international law. There have been endless claims that the very nature of pro-Palestinian campaigns have anti-Semitism at the root of their movements. It is not clear exactly on what grounds these allegations are based. I have been able to identify two arguments. Firstly, it has…

Brexit: From a Greek Perspective

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by Aris Grivokostopoulos, First thing’s first, please do not misinterpret the last major referendum held in the EU, namely the Greek one. The result should not be seen as a 63% vote for leaving the Euro or the EU, but rather as a reactive rebellious ‘No’ vote for the Juncker proposal during the negotiations. Fuelled by a need to reject the establishment, the media and the rest of the world’s…