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March 8, 2016

Foley’s Tasting Kitchen Menu

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London is filled with pop ups. Pop up markets, burger joints and even pop up restaurants! I’ve discovered the coolest new pop up in West London and you need to try it. It’s called Foley’s Tasting Kitchen and it’s only opened until March 20th! That’s right, a short but sweet length of time, right during term time so you can indulge when you have no desire to cook/eat a meal…

AU For All… Who Can Afford It

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by Adam Crowther, I was recently shocked to learn that, for this year’s AU Ball, tickets were going to cost £65 for the first 400 and then £80 for the remainder of the tickets. This is completely inaccessible for so many people and I for one know that I cannot afford spending that much on a ticket, especially for a single night. I could probably leave the article here; in…

A Pot-Benefit Analysis

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Written by Gil Caldwell-Dunn The effect that legislation of marijuana has had, and will have, on the environment Currently medically legal in 23 states, marijuana has been at the epicentre of the lengthy debate on the War on Drugs for several decades now. The US marijuana industry is booming; with the existence of countless studies demonstrating it’s numerous health benefits, as well as recognition of the sizeable potential tax revenue…

Osborne’s Not Budging on the Budget

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Written by Rory Coutts Attempting to see what the Chancellor will be delivering in his next, all important, budget There is a lot riding on the budget, set to be announced on the 16th of March, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer had better be sure he’s got it right, as 2016 is set to be a bumpy ride. George Osbourne’s plan for the year is likely to set a…

University: What is Fee-sible?

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Written by Ramone Bedi Tuition Fees should be increased – but so should support for students Oxford University’s former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Hamilton, believes that the cap on tuition fees for domestic students should be increased to reflect the true cost of an undergraduate degree, which he says is £16,000 per year for Oxford. The majority of students think that the threshold is too high, and that higher education should…

LSESU Lent Term Elections Unfold

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The 2016 LSESU Lent elections campaigns took off on Thursday 3 March. The next few days will see the student body electing its LSESU Executive Committee for the next academic year, including four new Sabbatical Officers. Despite the loss of Houghton Street as a vibrant campaign centre, this year’s elections are unlikely to pale in comparison with past years’. The contentious issues that have arisen on campus this year –…