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March 10, 2016

Mischief Managed; RON prevails!

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By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor.  We’ve just seen the conclusion of one of the most important nights in the LSE SU’s calendar – Election Results night – which took place at the SSH Venue. But more importantly, we’ve probably witnessed one of the most unpredictable and overwhelming nights with RON (Re-Open Nominations) claiming the coveted and highly prized Gen Sec spot! With a staggering 1000 plus votes, RON cleanly beat out…

An Introduction to Donald Drumpf

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by Kunwoo Kim, Contrary to what most biased social media-based ‘news agencies’ and liberal ‘media’ sources might portray Donald Trump as, he is a man of extreme calculation and guile. Rubio’s amusing criticism of Barry at the New Hampshire debate can also be applied to Mr. Trump. From the beginning, people continuously undermined Donald Trump’s true ability to outwit and outgun most people in debates and speeches, even if he…

Addressing the Kurdish Question

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by Dween Billbas, There have been few success stories in the Middle East as of late. Sectarianism coupled with the flamboyant rise of a radical Islamist State have seemed to dominate the headlines. In light of this threat the Kurds have managed to hold their ground on a 650-km front, that has heavily outstretched its personnel and resources. Iraqi Kurdistan, a semi-autonomous region within Iraq, contains about a quarter of…