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March 15, 2016

Fresh Controversy: Allegations of Unlawful Discrimination at LSESU Society Event

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The LSESU has once again been thrown into fresh turmoil over national coverage of an inclusivity issue on campus. Photographs obtained by the Mail Online appear to show enforced segregation at the LSESU’s Islamic Society (ISOC) Annual Dinner, which was also attended by outgoing General Secretary Nona Buckley-Irvine. Predictably, the Mail Online’s coverage was sensationalist, inflammatory and divisive. In particular, the use of an image of ‘Jihadi John’ in the…

Discussing Homelessnesss

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Written by Phoebe Ward Homelessness is on the rise, but our framing of the problem betrays our prejudices A recent spate of deaths by crushing has thrown the problem of homelessness into sharp relief, with waste company Biffa recently giving out health and safety advice and training to its binmen. There are few images more evocative than that of a human life being destroyed as a result of sleeping in…

Back to the Fiscal?

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Written by Henry Mitchell, What John McDonnell’s decision to recentring of the debate on fiscal prudence means This week the Labour Party announced their new ‘fiscal credibility rule’ in what many see as a response to the Conservative Party’s ‘Fiscal Charter’ which passed through Commons last October. In keeping with the current rhetoric on both sides of the house, the rule seeks to regain economic credibility and achieve fiscal consolidation. In…

Adblock: The War on Adverts

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Written by Gil Caldwell-Dun, Adblocking improves the individual’s experience – at what cost? The journalism industry is on course for a digital future. Evident from The Independent’s recent movement to end print production, having an online presence is arguably more important than ever, and the advertising that provides such a significant amount of revenue to the industry has to move with the times and adapt to existing predominantly online. However,…

The Emperor’s New Car

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If you’d asked financial regulators in 2008 what single financial instrument they wished had never been created, they would probably angrily suggest the dreaded MBS [Mortgage Backed Securities]. But yet, once again, it appears they’re coming back to haunt markets. This time, in the reincarnation of Automobile Loan Backed Securities. Put on your seatbelt – the end is coming. To set the scene, some clarification is needed. MBS are one…

TEDxLSE 2016 ; Interview with Joelle Eid and My Lan Nguyen

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By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor.