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March 17, 2016

Let’s call for an end to petty politics in LSE

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The Lent Term elections returned RON as the General Secretary of the Student’s Union. This historic result, with the biggest majority in four years, has proven that the students of LSE are awake; the Vote Ron Gen Sec campaign successfully managed to influence voters within a short period of time, amid the astonishing sets of allegations and public shaming going on social media. Both candidates demonstrated their lack of competency to become General Secretary…

Student Accused of Leaking ISOC Photographs to National Press

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By Joseph Briers and Greg Sproston – News Editors A former candidate for SU General Secretary and member of the Court of Governors has been accused of leaking photographs of the recent LSE Islamic Society dinner to at least one national newspaper.  A number of photographs, some of which are censored, have appeared in critical articles across the British media. Yesterday, the Metro chose to publish one particular photograph which…

Gender Segregation: Is Consent Enough?

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by Molly Farrow, My piece is not in favour of banning ISOC nor ISOC having any disciplinary repercussions for their recent event. Nor is it necessarily one on the ins and outs of the specific motivations of (some) Muslims for gender-based segregation. It does not condone the portrayal of the event by media such as the Daily Mail. This piece discusses whether consent is enough to justify segregation at all and why…