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March 23, 2016

Professor Julia Black to be Appointed LSE Interim Director

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Current Pro Director for Research at the LSE, Professor Julia Black, is to be appointed Interim Director of the School following the departure of Professor Craig Calhoun. It is likely that she will serve as Interim Director from 1 September 2016 until 31 August 2017, unless a successor to Craig Calhoun is found at an earlier date. The Council approved the recommendation of a Selection Committee comprised of Alan Elias (Acting Chair…

An Electric Victory for Democracy

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by Bobby Gard-Storry, It started with a lone voice from the back of the hall, cutting through the hubbub: “Ron! Ron! Ron!” Within seconds it had spread, and the chant reverberated through the Venue: “RON! RON! RON!” The rallying cry of democracy was in full force, and the moment was electric. Anybody who stayed home to finish watching the new season of House Of Cards, instead of attending Results Night…

The Problem With Voting Blocs

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by Hari Prabu, As I walked out of the old Beaver office in my first year, I asked another campaigner who was among the twenty or so people who had gathered secretively to Back Barnett and had even insisted on a code word to get entry into the room. He replied succinctly but rather ominously, “They’re hacks.” From that point onwards, I gradually became a cynic with regards to Students’…

When Student Politics Came of Age

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by Nadeem Shad, LSE Alumnus The events of the past few weeks concerning elections at the LSESU are nothing short of the best entertainment that the LSE has had in recent years. It highlights both the best and the worst of student politics. However, before we judge the entire affair as petty, consign it to the history books and chalk it up to a case of typically over-serious student electioneering, we…

Personality, Progressivism, and Potential Problems

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by Benjamin Thomas,  It’s not a fresh story anymore to reference the exceptional rise of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic primaries. This older former-independent Senator has managed to galvanise support, particularly among young students and has pushed progressivism into the spotlight during the Democratic debates and campaigns. None of this was expected a year ago when his campaign began, when Hillary Rodham Clinton was considered the de facto heir-apparent…