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September 30, 2016

Sub-Prime Mortgages to Sub-Prime Car Loans: People are Getting Ripped off Again

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By Ahan Varkey  Many people need a car. Public transport in most cities can be both unreliable and expensive. Add to that drastically increasing commuting distances, and the car becomes very much a modern necessity. However, it can be an expensive one, with safe and reliable vehicles often costing thousands. So, many consumers who purchase cars do so on some kind of financing plan. Ostensibly, this is a service that…

Spain : A year without a government

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By Eponine Howarth  The political deadlock in Spain continues as parties are unable to agree on the formation of any coalition after a general election in December 2015 and one in June 2016. After the most recent elections in June, the Conservative Party (PP – Partido Popular) failed to reach a majority, again. The Partido Popular, however, managed to increase its proportion of votes from 29% to 33% (123 to…

Should the European Union adopt a Common European Army ?

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By Eponine Howarth  The weekly newspaper “New Europe” published an article entitled “Germany says it’s time for a European Defence Union” on September 8th 2016. Indeed, Ursula Von Der Leyen, German Defence Minister, said so while on NATO business in Vilnius, Lithuania. The idea of a European Defence Community, aiming for common institutions, a common budget and a common army, had been proposed by the French Prime Minister, René Pleven,…

S/S 2017 London Fashion Week: The Review

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Over the last weekend, designers, bloggers and photographers descended onto Soho for London Fashion Week’s Spring and Summer 2017 collections. The sense of excitement around Brewer Street Car Park – the main exhibition space – was undeniable, and this was mirrored in the styles of those either attending the shows or trying to catch a glimpse of any VIP who reared their heads. I was lucky enough to visit the Teatum Jones…