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October 5, 2016

LSE’s Precarious Cleaners

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The plight of the LSE cleaners sheds light on the nature of precarious work in the UK economy. The cleaners’ contracts are outsourced from LSE, so the cleaners are actually employed by Noonan. This means that they have lower hourly pay, less holiday and 16 times lower pension contributions than those in LSE’s standard contracts. At a recent event, during their testimony about their treatment, some of the cleaners were…

Freshers, Food Poisoning, and Late Night Frolicking

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Freshers week has drawn to a close, leaving us spectacularly hungover and hurtling towards our overdrafts at a rather alarming speed. It has, however, been fantastic. Freshers week requires a suspension of your snobbery – to really enjoy the RAG pack you have to embrace it with open arms, personalised freshers t-shirts and all. If you accept that you will have to participate in a surprisingly aggressive dance-off with rival…

The Left Should Learn to Embrace National Pride

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By Daniel Shears, Features Editor  Nationalism seems to be exclusively a right-wing phenomenon when it comes to identities in our modern political space. The meteoric rise of nationalistic far-right parties across Europe is testament to this. We witnessed the ascendancy of Norbert Hofer of the Austrian Freedom Party in April of this year, when he came a hair’s breadth away from winning the Presidency in the final round of voting,…

A.I. and the Job Sector: Demon 2.0?

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By Philip Apfel  In the 18th century, when the industrial revolution meant that newly created machines were bound to render obsolete or at least fundamentally redefine many jobs, developments in the world of machinery were often met with borderline apocalyptic cris de coeur by the anxious citizen. Thomas Carlyle, a well-known satirist, philosopher and historian at the time, spoke of the “demon of mechanism” annihilating the modest workman’s source of…