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October 11, 2016

Brexit, Lies, and University Challenge

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Jack Boyd, 1st Year Undergraduate It’s been a tough year so far. Brexit, Bake Off and Bowie are just a few pleasingly alliterative examples of the absolute shitter than 2016 has been. But all were ultimately to be expected. A known porcine enthusiast was the figurehead trying to save us from Brexit, Paul Hollywood is basically the Judas of the kitsch competitive baking world, and Bowie was too pure for…

LSE100 Needs To Be Optional

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Hakan Ustabas, Comment Editor As I sat watching the hands of the clock tick slowly around its face, I wondered how I could have better spent the time that I had been forced to commit to my LSE100 class.  I had reading to do for my actual degree, articles to edit for The Beaver, and friends who I wanted to see.  Three priorities for the day; none of which were…

Journalism By The People; For The People

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Stephan Michaeli, Postgraduate As humanity travels deeper into the digital age, we remain plagued by many recurring issues. Income inequality, irresponsible businesses, political corruption — to name just a few. But with the powers of technology, one such problem is becoming unacceptable. The vital craft of journalism is still dominated by a few powerful media empires. Fortunately, technology has begun to break this monopoly. News reports often use footage that…

May’s Missed Moment

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The Prime Minister had the opportunity to move the Conservative Party to the right but has failed to do so Hakan Ustabas, Comment Editor For anyone of sound mind, Jeremy Corbyn’s reelection as leader of the Labour Party highlights the clearest signal that the Conservatives will win the next general election and significantly increase their majority in Parliament.  A poll from YouGov (September 21st) puts Theresa May comfortably ahead of…

Editorial : This Week in News

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By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor.  Its already Week 3! Since last Tuesday, there have been some pretty interesting developments both at home and abroad,  so I thought I’d do a round up of the more riveting ones thus far. On Wednesday the 5th, Britain’s eurosceptic UKIP was plunged into chaos over party leader Diane James quitting, citing “personal and professional reasons”, only 18 days after being elected to the role….