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October 12, 2016

Overseas Students Forced to the Limit

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Written by Jinling Luo Crash! Dropping from six to just two months, international students now have drastically shortened permission to stay in the UK after graduation. Following Brexit, the visa verification criteria are pushing up against the limit. Amber Rudd announced two-tier visa regulations, as well as a new £140m “controlling migration fund” to further decrease the size of overseas student body. The government will now put stricter regulations on…

Why We Love The Saw Swee Hock Café

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It has many times been said that everyone has one story in them: a novel, a play, a collection of epic poetry. I am pretty much convinced that my one story was my first ‘restaurant review’. It was a bold but not overly-audacious piece that aimed to provide specific analysis, but according to my friends, ‘didn’t really have a point’. More of a forgettable Percy Jackson than a Harry Potter,…

Investment Banking – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Written by Ellen To “What’s the culture like?” It’s the question asked by almost all fresh-faced aspiring investment bankers at networking events and careers fairs. And, despite half-heartedly expecting it, they are somewhat disappointed when the answer consists of the words “welcoming”, “supportive” and “inclusive”. One can hardly blame them when the mere thought of investment banking paints a picture of gruelling hours and a macho testosterone-fuelled world where analysts…