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October 13, 2016

1. Game Theory: Dating a Male Sex Worker

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by anon.  Hustled and Hooked: Dating a Male Sex Worker Before I begin, I would like to make three points. Firstly, all of what you will read from here on out is true. It may appear sensationalist, but it is not exaggerated for comic effect – this really did happen, for better or worse. Secondly, whilst I’m a big believer in legalising prostitution and thus do not want to appear ashamed…

Game Theory: The Prologue

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As a wiseman once said, what’s the point in falling in love when you can just fall on the floor and never get up. While there has been many wisemen over the years, not one of them has encountered love the same. This series aims to explore the trials and joys of finding love, how ever you define it. Modern love is constantly changing, London can be a pale place…