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November 16, 2016

‘Under the Shadow’ Review – Feminist Horror Stories and the Veil

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‘Under the Shadow’ is Iranian born director Babak Anvari’s first feature length film. This horror film is set in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war and has been hailed by Mark Kempdes of the Guardian as ‘a feminist fable’. Apart from being a gripping, entertaining and stylish piece of cinema, the film uses horror to capture an emotive glimpse into women’s experiences in post-revolution Iran during the Iran-Iraq war in the…

LSE US Centre Scrutinises Election Results

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By Aruna Krishna, Deputy News Editor In the summer of 1987, Benjamin Franklin, after finishing the Constitution Convention at Philadelphia was asked what form of government was agreed upon to which he replied, “Republic. If you can keep it.” The United States of America has voted and elected Republican Donald Trump as the 45th President. The  LSE US Centre on November 9th organised a Public event with a host of dynamic panelists…