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November 22, 2016

LGBT Rights Under Trump: Whither The Rainbow?

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By Philip Apfel, Deputy Features Editor, In July of this year, Donald Trump made history as the first presidential nominee to ever explicitly pledge to protect LGBTQ people at a Republican National Convention. In October, a picture of him brandishing a rainbow flag at a rally in Colorado went viral. The uninformed onlooker could almost be forgiven for the assumption that we have finally found a Republican president who is…

Brexit and the Renewed Promise of a United Ireland

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By Thomas Chambers A historic mantra of Irish Republicans is that England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity. It is often associated with the rebellion known as the Easter Rising of 1916 as Irish rebels sought to establish their Independence whilst the British were dealing with the great European disaster of World War One. One hundred years on, it is once again British difficulties in Europe which have reignited the debate on…

Will Financial Stability and Capitalism always be at odds?

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Taryana Odayar, former Executive Editor. In the opening scene of Boom, Bust, Boom, a documentary starring ex-Monty Python member Terry Jones, Jones is seen standing in the middle of Wall Street where he infamously proclaims, “This film is about the Achilles heel of capitalism, how human nature drives the economy to crisis after crisis time and time again.” The Minskyian notions at the heart of this proclamation points to the…

Taking Back Raqqa

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In June 2014, IS declared the city of Raqqa, in Northern Syria, the capital of their caliphate. Since then it has enticed around 7,000 ISIS fighters, and been a base for the terrorist group’s central planning of attacks, including those in the West, such as last November’s massacre in Paris. It is now also a home to many of the 27,000 foreign fighters, mainly from Europe and North Africa, who…