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November 30, 2016

Angela Merkel: Europe’s Indispensable Leader

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  By Thomas chambers, Deep in the bowels of the Bundestag there are a number of growing concerns keeping the political class up at night. Angela Merkel’s in tray must be overflowing with issues ranging from Brexit, a resurgent right wing populism and the potential of further Russian aggression to the East. As the most influential nation in the European political landscape, Germany has had to lead a continent, which…

Celebrating Gender and Sexual Diversity on Campus

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By Perdita Blinkhorn, LGBT+ Officer Last week was Pride Week, an annual event organised by the LSESU LGBT+ Officer in collaboration with Pride: The Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) Alliance, which aims to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender+ community at LSE. With a whole host of events lined up for the week, it proved to be yet another engaging and eye opening SU celebration. In recent years, various…

Reinventing LSE Library

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By Yap Lay Sheng In recent years, the LSE library has witnessed a series of developments to redefine its role in the community. One such notable investment is the recently set up LSE LIFE. Announced as part of a slew of ambitious reforms aimed at arresting the decline in student satisfaction rates, the centre was initialled endowed with more than £5 million as “an academic, personal development centre” targeted at enhancing…

UGM Debates Mandatory Consent Workshops

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By Beth Loynes, Deputy News Editor Last week’s UGM voted on implementing mandatory consent workshops for all new students starting next year. The motion was proposed as part of the Consent Campaign, which kicked off with a series workshops and seminars in week 8. It follows a number of recent reports on the scale of sexual assault on campuses, with Babe finding that 50% of female students are sexually assaulted…

Fabric Saved: Club Reopens on Strict Conditions After National Campaign

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By Aruna Krishnan, Deputy News Editor Good news for ravers: Fabric’s owners have reached a deal with Islington Council allowing them to reopen. The venue was shut in September this year after the council revoked its licence following the deaths of two clubbers. It said Fabric had a “culture of drug use”, which the staff were “incapable of controlling”. One of Britain’s best known nightclubs, Fabric thrived on dance music and has…

The Best Friend’s Best Friend – A Freshers Phenomenon

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I like to think that I’m a very reasonable person, y’know. I’m a nice gal. But at the moment I’m being faced with a real dilemma, a proper moral test. Its similar to when you meet your new partner’s ex, or your ex’s new partner. Its the best friend’s best friend. To outline this, there seems to be a bit of competition between one’s uni friends and home friends over…