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March 14, 2017

The Alt-Right Death Cult, Fascist Memes and Me

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By J.T. Stokes For the past year I have been fascinated with the progressive left’s most versatile enemy to date – the Alt-Right. This fascination stemmed from two main sources. Firstly, from an earnest academic interest in the nature and dynamics of digital communities. And secondly, from an aesthetic interest in internet anonymity and its potential to produce colourful alternative movements – both in art and politics. There was one…

Is Direct Rule Inevitable in Northern Ireland?

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By Oliver Wheeler For the first time since the creation of a devolved Northern Irish legislature in 1921, unionists have lost their majority in a snap election that took place on March 2nd. The Democratic Unionist Party, the strongest party in the Assembly since its powers were restored in 2007, now has only one more seat than its republican rival Sinn Féin, and on first preferences the parties were separated…