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March 15, 2017

A New Era of LSE SU Elections

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A call for more increasing voter turnout and more substantiated campaigning in future elections By Hari Prabu In preparing to watch Lent Term elections unfold for a fourth time, cynicism was very much at the forefront of my mind. I calmly rattled through the names of the winners to come whenever people sought the insight of a wearied electioneer. There were certain votes which mattered more than others, I explained,…

Afghanistan’s Incompetent Army

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Dire leadership, poor education and corruption: the Afghan army is performing poorly By Cameron Chippindale When NATO formally ended its combat operations in Afghanistan on December 28th 2014, few observers were deluded enough to have high hopes for the independent performance of the Afghan National Army (ANA). This pessimism was shared by the U.S military which began to prepare for this day as early as in November 2012. For all those…

Division Will Prevail in Northern Ireland

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Unionists losing majority at Stormont will not bring a new unity to the population By Alan Locke Seismic change is happening in Northern Ireland. On 3rd March, for the first time since its formation in 1925, Nationalist (pro-Irish reunification) parties have a majority at Stormont, where Unionists (pro-Union with the UK) had held the reins of power in Northern Ireland since the first elections were held in 1921. One may…

Against Capital Punishment

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Reject state-sanctioned murder, even if we accept individual responsibility By Eponine Howarth On December 2nd 2016, Nie Shubin was declared not guilty by the Supreme People’s Court, in Liaoning Province, China. It replaced the first verdict from 1995 which had judged the twenty-one-year-old guilty of rape and murder. Twenty one years after his execution, Nie Shubin was acquitted. His father, Zhang Huanzhi, at the announcement, collapsed into sobs shouting: “My son,…

Tensions Between Russia and the Baltic states

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Invasion by the superpower is a realistic threat from President Putin By Cameron Chippindale Many commentators on post-cold war rivalries denounce the idea of a Russian invasion of the Baltic States as a preposterous fantasy of paranoid Russia-watchers. This is not so. Russia invaded and annexed Crimea and holds sway over the rebels now running parts of Eastern Ukraine. These are rebels it has supplied with the cutting edge of Russian…