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March 23, 2017

Emerging Markets Forum Successful Again

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by Cameron Ormesher, Undergraduate Student On the 10th-11th March at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London, the eighth annual edition of the LSE SU Emerging Markets Forum took place, complete with its very own Snapchat filter. The EMF is run by LSE students, as well as a group of professional advisers, many of whom have been involved since the Forum’s inception. The conference attracts pre-eminent academics, investors, and business leaders…

Big Brother Is Coming Closer

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by Mona Elkateb, Postgraduate Student The issue of mass surveillance is a growing worry; its future undetermined and its current state often unknown. In the UK, the government’s increasing reliance on big data and video surveillance has sparked growing concern for the privacy of the general public. In London, it has been estimated that there is one CCTV camera for every 14 people. Tony Porter, the government’s surveillance camera commissioner,…

‘Predictability And its Limits’ In its Final Week

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By Yap Lay Sheng, Staff Writer Entering its final week, LSE Arts’s latest exhibition ‘Predictability and its Limits’ is yet another creative exploration of the intersection between arts and the social science exhibited at the Atrium Gallery. On view are several sketches  closely mirroring themes from the philosophy of Time that aims to make usually obscure philosophical concepts “accessible to a (sic) audience of non-specialists”.  These are the products of…

Cleaners’ Strike Captivates Campus

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by Sofia Kastelein, Undergraduate Student LSE cleaners were on strike last Wednesday and Thursday. Both days, from 6am, campus was alive with cleaners, students and staff demanding LSE treat all members of the university community with dignity. Between 6am and 9am, striking cleaners and supportive members of the public held a picket outside the main entrance to the Old Building, with breakfast, chants and dancing. From 8:30, several cleaners left…

Farhan Akhtar at the LSE India Forum

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by Upasana Sharma, General Course Student The LSE India Forum was held last week on Saturday, March 11 2017. It comprised various panels including politics, economics and entertainment. The politics panel included representatives from different major Indian political parties and the economic panel discussed demonetization and the ripple effects that would have for the country. This was followed by the entertainment panel that the famous Indian actor, producer, and director,…

Breaking the Pledge: Why is the LSE yet to Divest?

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Why has the LSE broken its pledge on divestment? The recent decision by Kings to fully divest from fossil fuels and armaments by 2022 has once again raised the issue of divestment within the zeitgeist of London students, and highlighted the stagnation of progress on the issue here at LSE. Despite the deeply alarming conclusions of climate scientists, amongst them the venerable Lord Stern and the Grantham institute both based…