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LSE On Internal Socioeconomic Inequality: Puts Fingers in Ears and Shouts “La La La La”

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The idea that socioeconomic inequality might actually be a bit of a problem at LSE seems to have begun to manifest itself among the student body at the LSE, albeit slowly, belatedly, and with the enthusiasm of a child being told it needs a vaccination for its own good. As students who did not even know the name of a cleaner before this term suddenly take to campaigning in support…

LSE Library ‘Excited’ to Announce Several Square Metres of New Floor Space

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  By Ryan Flack   The LSE Library have made desperate changes to the Study Space which has left LSE students, confused, sad and frightened. After extensive changes to the LSE Library dedicated to maintaining its status as a world class institution – including reducing the number of functioning Windows computers to make way for flashy Apple branded stuff, moving the Course Collection upstairs so everyone can enjoy making more…