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Category : Carwyn Crunches

Gwyn Digests: The John Lewis Café, Oxford Street

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It seems to be an unwritten rule for London’s non-London students that when your parents visit, you go to Oxford Street. This is because no matter how much you try and convince yourself you are now a true, suave, luxurious Londoner, whenever your parents come you once again return to the spotty teenage being of your youth. Your parents coming means being reminded of the self you left behind when…

Meal Deals: a Safe Disappointment

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How incredible is living in London? The land of opportunity, the golden metropolis, the city of dreams. Just think of all the experiences wrapped up in this bustling ball of busyness. Think of all the people, the cultures, the ideas that surround you! Thinking of all these things perhaps depresses me more than anything else, when I consider the routine of my day: get up later than any disciplined person…

Why We Love The Saw Swee Hock Café

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It has many times been said that everyone has one story in them: a novel, a play, a collection of epic poetry. I am pretty much convinced that my one story was my first ‘restaurant review’. It was a bold but not overly-audacious piece that aimed to provide specific analysis, but according to my friends, ‘didn’t really have a point’. More of a forgettable Percy Jackson than a Harry Potter,…

How does one pronounce ‘Pret a manger?’

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Gywn loses his self-worth in overpriced chains and gives his expert opinion on Leon’s ‘Super Lean Quinoa Salad’. How does one pronounce ‘Pret a Manger’? Surrounded by Parisians and laudable linguists, it was a bit of a shock for me when this became the debate, after I simply called it ‘pret’ without even a hint of a French accent. Being from Cardiff, it is just about the fanciest restaurant in the…