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The Best Friend’s Best Friend – A Freshers Phenomenon

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I like to think that I’m a very reasonable person, y’know. I’m a nice gal. But at the moment I’m being faced with a real dilemma, a proper moral test. Its similar to when you meet your new partner’s ex, or your ex’s new partner. Its the best friend’s best friend. To outline this, there seems to be a bit of competition between one’s uni friends and home friends over…

Election Night: Cold Hearts, Warm Pints

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It started well. I must admit that it did start well. The screens were blaring, the coffee had been chugged, the power naps were had and the vibes were good. There were hot dogs. Being the inclusive liberals we are, there were even vegetarian hotdogs. This was promising. Tuns was bustling out with over-enthusiastic politics students, clambering over one another in a desperate attempt to wrap their clammy fingers around…

Halloween: the Rise and Fall of Molly’s Principles

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It was that time of year again. It was Halloween. Perhaps the most bizarre of all the strange festivities, each year I scoff and scorn for the entirety of October, lamenting about how capitalism is abusing popular culture to rip us all off. You won’t catch me paying £16 for a Halloween night at Egg which is undoubtedly just going to be a normal night at Egg with more makeup….

The North-South Divide: Observations from a Mancunian in the Big Smoke

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As I left my home in Manchester and headed down to the big smoke, I almost expected the north-south divide to be a physical barrier halfway down the M1 where the temperature gets warmer and the people get colder.   However, since arriving at uni this phenomenon hasn’t really materialised on the scale I expected. In saying this, though, there have been some very noticeable discoveries. The original and most…

Freshers, Food Poisoning, and Late Night Frolicking

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Freshers week has drawn to a close, leaving us spectacularly hungover and hurtling towards our overdrafts at a rather alarming speed. It has, however, been fantastic. Freshers week requires a suspension of your snobbery – to really enjoy the RAG pack you have to embrace it with open arms, personalised freshers t-shirts and all. If you accept that you will have to participate in a surprisingly aggressive dance-off with rival…


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Freshers is a daunting thought for some. Will I make any friends? Will my new friends be anywhere near as cool as my home mates who can flatten Fosters cans on their head? Is it true that at LSE we spend freshers reciting Keynes to one another while debating whether J.S Mill is truly a Utilitarian or Feminist? Or can he be both? For those of you caught in this…