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4. Game Theory: It will tear you in half but it will not end you

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by anon. TW: rape This week’s Game Theory will take a slightly different approach to some of the topics that have been covered previously. Whilst what I’m going to talk about didn’t happen to me at university, I know from conversations with my peers that not only does it happen within the confines of LSE campus, but it is horribly commonplace. Please be aware that some people may find the…

3. Game Theory: The Holiday Romance

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by anon. When I was asked to write a piece for Game Theory I thought back on my own life experience of love and sexuality with mixed emotions. Having been referred to the editor of the blog by a friend on the basis that I had plenty of stories to share, when I actually sat down to isolate a powerful anecdote that was both powerful and uplifting, there was one…

2. Game Theory: Post Break-Up Sex

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by anon. Post Break-up Sex: The Perils of the Tinder Rebound Most rebounds are forced. We go through the break up, we cry, we eat, (we cry some more), then we get drunk and go looking for a blurry beacon of hope in the otherwise dark tunnel of relationship mourning. There’s nothing spontaneous or organic about any of it, but no rebound is more forced than that found in the…

1. Game Theory: Dating a Male Sex Worker

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by anon.  Hustled and Hooked: Dating a Male Sex Worker Before I begin, I would like to make three points. Firstly, all of what you will read from here on out is true. It may appear sensationalist, but it is not exaggerated for comic effect – this really did happen, for better or worse. Secondly, whilst I’m a big believer in legalising prostitution and thus do not want to appear ashamed…

Game Theory: The Prologue

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As a wiseman once said, what’s the point in falling in love when you can just fall on the floor and never get up. While there has been many wisemen over the years, not one of them has encountered love the same. This series aims to explore the trials and joys of finding love, how ever you define it. Modern love is constantly changing, London can be a pale place…