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Slagging off the PM W3: “Suck It And Sea” And Other Poor Choices

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Sweets are actually really hard to fuck up as a concept. Pick a flavour thats inoffensive. Pick whether it’s chewy or not. Pick a shape. Easy. What you do not do, I repeat not do, is do something a bit zany if you’re on TV in a competition, Oliver you absolute melt. That is never the right time for experimentation, especially when your background is in sausages, and you think…

Slagging Off The PM: Week 2

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Showing how old he is, this week Alan has discovered Japanese Denim, and thinks its a brand new thing. Most of Shoreditch would disagree, they’ve been pin rolling to show off that selvedge for years, and that aged scrotum lookalike won’t tell them different. But like most old people, facts won’t stop our Alan. The task this week is to create a campaign for the jeans. Spoiler: They aren’t very…

Slagging off the PM: Week 1

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Graduates have it hard, we’re expected to get a good degree, but also be ready to hit the ground running in a new career. So, in a column I call Slagging Off The PM, I will compile advice straight from some of the most average business people in the UK. Yes that’s right, finally someone will analyse the Apprentice candidates, learn from their failures, and effectively get you that BTEC…