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Category : Second Year Struggles

The Transition to Adulthood

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Becoming an ‘adult’ is not a transition which comes naturally for some, and it’s the small things in life which make you realise that you may be one of the sorry many for whom this is the case. It can hit you at any time. In the morning, after pouring too much water into your porridge pot, making a liquid goo out of what should be one of the easiest…

4 Weeks In

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It’s 8.51pm and I’m lying in bed listening to Disney songs wondering who I’ve become. I don’t have a Goldman Sachs internship lined up, I’m nearly 20 and still dressing up as a jellyfish for AU, and instead of sipping red wine at classy jazz nights or poetry recitals the only drink in my fridge is Tesco own-brand vodka, which (again) will probably end up being mixed with Tesco own-brand…

Welcome Back to that Student Life

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When I came to LSE I had a dream. I had a dream deeply rooted in many a student’s dream. I had a dream that I would found my own start-up by the age of 20, be living off innocent smoothies and expensive whole foods, and potentially be running against Trump in the presidential election. But no. Life happened. Reality kicked in. And reality has a thing for making you…

Zoo Bar: An Unrequited Love

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  Zoo is probably one of the most quintessentially LSE places that possibly exists. It’s tragic but in a ‘we don’t care we like finance’ kinda way and we hold it as a weekly pilgrimage that is as much a part of LSE as bashing game theory. Zoo and I begin all our encounters with optimism. But lets be honest, the fact you have to bring a plastic bag just to…