Election Developments : Complaints and Campaigning

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BY The Beaver Editorial Team

Voting for the Executive Officers of the Students’ Union of the London School of Economics closes tomorrow, Thursday March 6th at 7 PM. The SU has claimed that by the second day of voting, 1,600 students had already cast their vote. With a week full of campaigning, the Beaver takes a look at what has developed in this past week.



Several candidates have withdrawn their candidacy throughout the past week.

General Secretary

For the position of General Secretary, former candidate Jack Kelly cited “personal constraints” for his reason for stepping down. Jason Wong released a two and a half minute video stating that he would be “staying in this race” after withdrawing his candidacy from General Secretary and throwing his weight behind his campaign for Education Officer. Wong endorsed candidate Musty Kamal for the General Secretary position, stating the decision was made based on the consensus on “five key areas of reforms,” and posted a photo on Facebook.

Other candidates for the position of General Secretary include Abi Aryan, Sam Barnett, Nona Buckley- Irvine, and Mengxuan Lonoy Ge.


Education Officer

From the once 6 person race for Education Officer, Jamie Pelling withdrew his candidacy after publishing this on his Facebook event page:

“We have fought hard, we have propelled, but now our drive shaft is bent and our motor running out. I am very sorry to everyone that supported me, but I shall no longer be running to be your Education officer.
This decision is a political one. I can heartily support Dan and Thomas in their campaign.”

Nathan Bullock, Patricia Grace de Lara, Tom Maksymiw, Dan Martin and Jason Wong remain as candidates.


Community and Welfare

Jade Symonds withdrew her candidacy for Community and Welfare Officer announcing that she had received an employment opportunity. She publicly supported candidate Seb Bruhn for the position. Other candidates include Heba Al-Nasser and Nathan Bullock, neither of whom have submitted a manifesto.


None of the candidates for Activities and Development have withdrawn thus far.



Throughout the election period, several complaints have been submitted to the Returning Officer, Joe Anderson. This has reportedly resulted in several sanctions, including bans on candidates and campaigners campaigning—either online or offline—for specific lengths of times.

When asked as to how many complaints had been filed, Anderson informed the Beaver it was “a lot.”

Rules for the elections are available here: http://www.lsesu.com/pageassets/yourunion/Election-rules-Lent-Term-2014.pdf

Election rules state that candidates are prohibited from misrepresent another candidate, sabotaging their campaign or campaign materials, or refer to another candidate’s character. Candidates may not campaign in the LSE library, or any computer room.


Reflections on SU Elections

“I’d like to see less ‘big’ ideological politics, and more listening to matters that matter, especially student societies.”

-Lorenz Kost, German Society President

“I find the election process to be fun and entertaining part of LSE. It really does bring to the light the thoughts of our student body, especially the committed and passionate. However I do feel a lot of what is said are false promises written on a manifesto just to secure an easy job or addition to the CV.”

-Bobby Kent, Second year Mathematics and Economics Student