Foley’s Tasting Kitchen Menu

London is filled with pop ups. Pop up markets, burger joints and even pop up restaurants! I’ve discovered the coolest new pop up in West London and you need to try it. It’s called Foley’s Tasting Kitchen and it’s only opened until March 20th! That’s right, a short but sweet length of time, right during term time so you can indulge when you have no desire to cook/eat a meal deal.

Let me tell you more about this place. Located at Shepherd’s Bush Market, the outside is absolutely adorable, filled with decorative fairy lights. There is an outside and an inside area. We sat inside, but it looked as though the outside tent was well heated so don’t worry about freezing to death while you eat. The venue is trendy and simple, plain colors, a cool looking bar, and fabulous food.

The concept is simple; small plates to share. The menu is quite small, but there’s just enough to choose from. The choices are really interesting. Pork Belly with a yogurt sauce on the side, Latin American pork crackling called “chicharron”, barbeque chicken wings with an Asian twist of flavors…the list goes on, and it’s all tasty. I personally love tasting a flavor I wasn’t expecting that I end up loving! It’s original, something Londoners tend to adore. It feels like the kind of place you want to go to when you want a night out, but something quiet. It has good food, friendly staff and a cute venue. If you don’t live in West London (I don’t), it’s easy to get to, but I admit it’s far. Don’t let that discourage you. This is what London is famous for! Up and coming chefs show off their talent for a limited amount of time and then disappear until their next project! They’re thinking of opening a restaurant in Fitzrovia, which would be ideal for LSE students. Walking distance, we like that concept. It’s also very reasonably priced, no more than 25 pounds per person, less than 20 if you’re not that hungry.

I highly recommend giving Foley’s Kitchen a try before it closes March 20th.


Caroline Schurman-Grenier