Did I really need to buy a blender for freshers?

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My new Breville Blend Active Blender – complete with a 57 smoothie recipe book – has been sitting patiently in the corner of my bedroom for three days now, counting down the days before my start at LSE.

I can already anticipate the number of times I will undoubtedly use its seven speed settings and superseal leak proof lid.

When staggering back to my halls at god-knows-what-hour, I can already tell I am going to have the patience and hand eye coordination to make the drinks, since what are the chances I’ll be tempted by the juicy anything-but-real-meat-but-who-cares burgers that will inevitably be on sale during my walk home?

After all, just blend and go, the box tells me.

Perhaps this blender may be of equivalent use to me as the adjustable lemon squeezer – with multiple inserts just waiting to be lost – that fell into my trolley during the famous Ikea shop, or even the vacuum cleaner at Passfield.

People actually vacuum?

There have been a total of three questions, spanning the endless list of Facebook Fresher pages that we have all impulsively joined, regarding laundry; with two specifically directed towards iron and vacuum cleaner availability.

Imagine us, the shiny new Freshers, with our clean clothes and tidy rooms.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the importance of a crisp shirt and fluffy carpet, but I think it is also time we face up to the fact that once we arrive at LSE, we must brush our one-touch-control Breville Blender out of the way, pop a vitamin tablet, and get ourselves a double voddy.

After all, we are only Freshers once.


18, first year Law student!

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  1. when life gives you lemons, you brush away the Breville Blender.

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