Freshers, Food Poisoning, and Late Night Frolicking

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Freshers week has drawn to a close, leaving us spectacularly hungover and hurtling towards our overdrafts at a rather alarming speed.

It has, however, been fantastic.

Freshers week requires a suspension of your snobbery – to really enjoy the RAG pack you have to embrace it with open arms, personalised freshers t-shirts and all.

If you accept that you will have to participate in a surprisingly aggressive dance-off with rival halls and begin shuffling enthusiastically, then Battle of the Halls can be a stirring lesson in camaraderie. If you don’t scorn the hall speed-dating session and persist with the remarkably complex name-learning games, you might just catch yourself having a little bit of fun.

The last week has been an important life-skills lesson, and I think my parents would be proud.

I’ve cooked three times and only grated my finger once, and I’ve washed most of my clothes without significantly shrinking anything. I’ve tackled the tube, perfected the art of shopping on a budget and managed to complete all of my reading assignments on a worryingly minimal amount of sleep.

Admittedly, i’ve lost the overwhelming majority of my cutlery and melted two tupperware tubs, but I reckon this is impressive progress nonetheless. Aside from the one occasion (several occasions) where I’ve found myself drinking tap water from a pan out of sheer laziness, I’ve even stayed on top of the washing up.

As is to be expected at any event combining several hundred newly-independent teens and copious amounts of vodka, there’ve been a few disasters.

We’ve had to battle with an outbreak of food poisoning which left my flatmates the same colour as our pale green bedroom doors, and managed to spend a night in A&E after a drunken running race collapsed into stitches and concussion. We’ve trawled the streets searching for late night pizza until we were completely and undisputedly lost but with a combination of cheap Uber taxis and unreserved optimism, we’ve always pulled it off.

There’s something about doing ridiculous things together for 24 hours a day all week which really draws people together. The girl I danced home with from a freshers night, or sheepishly sat down next to on our first hall dinner, the boy who google mapped us all the way to Shoreditch – these people are now my best friends.

So despite all the drunken disasters and debilitating lack of sleep, I wouldn’t change freshers week one bit.