LSE Staff To Strike

LSE Staff are taking part in a two day strike in protest of the current dispute over pay. The strike will take place from 25th-26th May, and ‘working to contract’ industrial action will continue afterwards.

The University and College Union (UCU) called the strike action after receiving a pay offer of a 1.1% increase from the Universities and Colleges Employers’ Association, branded as “an insult” by UCU. Since 2009, University staff have received a 14.5% real terms cut in pay.

Whilst exams will not be affected by the industrial action, the post-strike ‘working to contract’ could cause issues for students. LSE seem certain that this will not affect students “during the examination and graduation periods,” however with the Summer School programme not far around the corner, this action may potentially cause issues going forward.

In an email sent to staff, the school stated that “whilst ‘working to contract’ should not, by its very nature, involve a breach of contract, staff should be aware that the School position is that it does not accept partial performance of duties.  In such circumstances, the School reserves its right to deduct pay as a result of the breach of contract.” From this it remains unclear whether the school understands “duties” as what is contractually obliged of staff, or the work they volunteer to do otherwise.

Alex Dugan