Mini Football World Cup Finishes In Style

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By Jenny Hovland Johanson

LSE WFC Captain



With the Women’s World Cup coming up in Canada this summer, the Women’s Football Club (WFC) wanted to arrange an inclusive event, where both boys and girls could play football together. Over the past two Fridays, 11 teams have participated in a 5-a-side Mixed Mini world cup tournament, which was sponsored by the LSE Annual Fund.

On the first Friday, on the 6th of March, the teams were randomely allocated into two groups. After playing all other teams in the group, four teams from each group came through to the quarterfinals, which were played on Friday 13th. Unfortunately, Team Monaco, Chile+4 and Leonor FC did not make it to this stage.

In the quarterfinals, the teams were getting much more competitive. The games were now seven minutes longer, and they all had to fight a bit harder. In the semifinals, Christos FC played Mohamed Salah FC, and Blackout met Team USA. These were two intense games, and both were incredibly close. Mohamed Salah FC managed to beat Christos FC, while Blackout and Team USA had to shoot penalties after their 1-1 score. The teams followed each other to the very end. Then, Blackout’s goalkeeper made a beautiful save, which ensured them a place in the final. In the finals, both Mohamed Salah FC and Blackout were eager to win – as a big trophy was waiting for the winner. They followed each other closely, but Blackout won in the end. Their captain, Joshua, could proudly lift the trophy, after all their hard work and great team spirit. Blackout played some great football throughout the whole tournament, and truly deserved their gold medals. They could now finally enjoy the barbeque and lucozade power drinks with the other teams, which were provided by the organisers.

This event was a great success, and the collaboration between ActiveLifeStylE and WFC worked splendidly. We hope to organise more mixed sports tournaments in the future, and would like to encourage as many students as possible to take part. Thanks to the Annual Fund for making this possible!

Robin Park

Final year LLB student and Sport Editor