Sports Ambassador Programme: A Step in the Right Direction for LSE Sport

SportBy India Steele, Deputy Sports Editor

This year we have witnessed the growth of LSE’s Sports Ambassador programme promising greater support and recognition of high-performing athletes within the Athletics Union. Whilst the scheme has been in place for the last few years it was boosted this year to try and include more athletes at LSE and work more closely with the Athletics Union in supporting its ambassadors in their training, work management, nancial support and other issues relating to performing at a high level.

The Sports Ambassador programme was first introduced by GB Olympian and LSE Alum Ollie Cook, now hoping to be rowing at the Olympics this summer, who recognised the need for a support system for athletes at LSE.

The scheme has introduced 3 tiers for its ambassadors; Bronze level for AU leaders and role mod- els such as club captains, team captains and exceptional performers within the AU; Silver level for athletes performing outside LSE perhaps at a junior international level and a Gold level reserved for

the highest achieving sports persons competing on a senior international level.

The expansion of the scheme this year was designed to create more of a community for sports ambassadors within LSE. With grand plans of putting on more social events, workshops, and other events for the ambassadors to meet one another and share experiences whilst also planning on providing more support to athletes including free gym membership, sports massages and help with work and time management.

The scheme has already proved successful with Tom Johnson recently making the GB Men’s Senior Judo squad.

Given the increase in members of sports teams within the AU and the numbers of people participat- ing in high-level sport both within and outside the AU, I think its a sign of recognition that sport mat- ters at LSE. It promises to be a success and a good platform to push for further recognition for sport and the AU within the university.

Alex Dugan