Student Accused of Leaking ISOC Photographs to National Press

By Joseph Briers and Greg Sproston – News Editors

A former candidate for SU General Secretary and member of the Court of Governors has been accused of leaking photographs of the recent LSE Islamic Society dinner to at least one national newspaper. 

A number of photographs, some of which are censored, have appeared in critical articles across the British media. Yesterday, the Metro chose to publish one particular photograph which was ISOC1insufficiently cropped and therefore displayed the thumbnail of his Facebook profile picture, confirming that it originated from his account. It is possible that he took a screenshot of the image, and sent the screenshot that included his picture thumbnail to a third party who subsequently forwarded it to media outlets, however several posts on social media show that some students believe that he was indeed the media source. 

Furthermore, a Beaver collective member as well as a third year undergraduate overheard a phone call made at around 13:45 yesterday, to what seemed to be a journalist or media contact. One of them stated that, “It was definitely with some member of the media..he specifically asked for themaxwell11 photo to be taken down or cropped because it contained his picture thumbnail” whilst the other added that, “the conversation seemed to be on informal, familiar terms”. Incredibly, this conversation took place in the LSESU Media Centre! The student has since denied any involvement, although the nature of the conversation sheds doubt on this. Responding to a request for comment, the student stated “…it’s factually incorrect and libellous to state that I did [send information to the press]”. The Metro article has since been edited to crop out the thumbnail.

A statement from the Student Union has confirmed that no formal complaint has been made regarding the society event, at the time of publication.

Greg Sproston

News Editor and BSc Government Student

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  1. This reads like a hit piece. There’s no explanation to people who are coming onto the story as to why this is important. So what if Harry did indeed leek the photos? Explain what rules were broken and why your readers, the non-incestuous student government body, that is, need to know about this. What is the relevance. So what?

    • The daily mail article to 11 million readers also read like a hit piece. The point is, instead of raising a complaint to the SU this individual launched an attack on the islamic society by discretely sending in pictures and information to mass media. This article just sheds a bit more light on the whole debacle

  2. did the beaver publish anything on Rayhan Uddin’s anti semitic facebook message to s begum? that was a hell of a lot worse than maxwell’s mailing the daily mail (what, exactly, is wrong with that anyway? he doesn’t owe any particular loyalty to the ISOC in particular or the LSE student body in general.) also – “The incident is just the latest of a number of distressing allegations made against the former candidate” – what are these “distressing allegations”? what you’ve written is libel by implication… does anybody at the beaver actually know anything about journalism?


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