Student Eats: Hare and Tortoise

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Hare & Tortoise is one of my favourite restaurants in London and they serve some of the best Asian foods – I love their dragon rolls! From the outside, the Blackfriars branch of Hare & Tortoise doesn’t look too great. In fact, when you enter it’s just empty, but then you walk down a tunnel of stairs and it’s very pretty. It smells amazing as soon as you enter, and you can watch the chefs work their magic which is even better.

I went there for dinner with a friend recently and though I usually opt for the curry laksa, I wanted to try something different and chose the salmon teriyaki rice. I thought it would be really sweet and initially the rice looked like it was just brushed with teriyaki sauce – but then I broke into the rice and I found the glorious oasis of teriyaki. The salmon could have had crispier skin but it still tasted really good – offsetting the sweetness of the teriyaki perfectly well.

For those of you who don’t know, dragon roll is an amazing inside-out seaweed roll with tempura prawns, cucumber, mayonnaise, dressed with tobiko. I could eat this all day, everyday. It’s perfectly savoury and the tobiko (orange balls on top) add a fun texture to the sushi. It’s not too fishy so if you’re a sushi roll virgin this is perfect to start with and it’s really satisfying – a must try!

The curry laksa on the other hand is a Singaporean noodle soup and it has the most amazing spicy coconut flavour. It comes with slices of grilled chicken breast, naruto, prawns and squid, garnished with deep-fried tofu, beansprouts and cucumber. I get mine without the chicken, and it still tastes super. There’s so much flavour in one bowl and it is absolutely HUGE – you get a ladle for a spoon. They’re really not shy on the portions and I love that about Hare & Tortoise. I’ve tried curry laksa at other restaurants but no one does it quite as amazing as H&T.

The chinese greens (pak choy with oyster sauce, garlic and seasme oil) and chive & shrimp gyozas make the perfect side dishes. Pak choy is a must for us Asians – it not only makes us feel healthy but it goes really well with noodle and rice dishes. The greens are crunchy and the oyster sauce adds a slight sweetness whilst the garlic adds a little kick. We ordered gyozas because we were craving Nepalese momos. It tasted okay, it was very fishy and it wasn’t a taste that I enjoyed as much as the other dishes, besides nothing beats momos.

Dragon Rolls: £7.80 for 8pcs

Asian Greens: £4.10 | Chive & Shrimp Gyoza: £4.30

Salmon Teriyaki rice: £8.80 | Curry Laksa: £8.90



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