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LSE Evict Student Suffering From Severe Mental Health Issues

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An LSE Student suffering from acute mental illness has been evicted from LSE Halls of Residence, on the decision of LSE Residential Services and the Disability & Wellbeing Service. Two NHS professionals separately made official recommendations against this course of action prior to the eviction. This incident further tarnishes the school’s already poor record on mental health support and recognition. The student in question was recently admitted to hospital to…

Taryana Odayar on being a “busy Beaver” and the week’s Editorial Board Antics

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I’m pleased to report that last week’s issue of the paper – my first issue as Exec – was sent to print exactly on time and without a hitch! Now whilst I wish I could say the same for this week, I do realise that some weeks are more trying than others for an Editorial Board, in terms of compiling and publishing 32 pages of content that mirror the manifold…

The SU Are Ignoring Student Interests By Booking Out The Venue On Wednesday

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The entire situation regarding the hiring of The Venue has highlighted issues with the way that the Union handles the AU and students more generally. Student satisfaction is well below the Russell Group average and currently the emphasis is on the School itself to implement changes. However, the hiring out of the Venue on a Wednesday night highlights the fact that the SU need to also look inward to solve…

Where’s Our Venue?

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WEDNESDAY NIGHT SAW the launch of the AU tour. Sportsvest, the chosen tour operator for this year, reps were out in force with freebies, party discounts and even free tour places. However this event did not take place in the standard setting for AU Wednesday nights, the Venue, it took place a mile away at Piccadilly Institute. The LSESU booked out the Venue for a corporate client, a decision that…