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Justin Trudeau: Popular and Progressive?

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By Rajan Soni As the world moves further and further away from values of openness, integration and multiculturalism, a sprawling faction across the globe has been left feeling hopelessly disillusioned with the state of politics. For many readers, endless lamenting of the death of liberal democracy will be an all too familiar topic of conversation. But there is one name that, in the midst of woe, seems to crop up…

How Canada’s Future Will Be Shaped By Justin Trudeau

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by Rustam Yusif-Zadeh Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has secured victory in the Canadian general election, becoming the second-youngest Canadian Prime Minister at 43 and thrusting liberalism back to the forefront of Canada’s citadel of power. With the Liberal Party winning 184 seats, with 39% of the vote, compared to 2011 when the party was decimated and gained only 34 seats, this election win signals a significant departure in public…