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2017: What Will Become of You?

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The PRS Symposium will explore how we can deal with political risks in this new political age. The political earthquakes of 2016 have made evident that political risk has become increasingly hard to understand and manage. Whereas previously, investors were cautious over the unpredictability of emerging markets, Europe and the U.S.A. have now demonstrated that they too are a source of volatility. 2017 is likely to be a bearer of…

Crisis of politics or crisis of the left?

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The Left Should Learn to Embrace National Pride

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By Daniel Shears, Features Editor  Nationalism seems to be exclusively a right-wing phenomenon when it comes to identities in our modern political space. The meteoric rise of nationalistic far-right parties across Europe is testament to this. We witnessed the ascendancy of Norbert Hofer of the Austrian Freedom Party in April of this year, when he came a hair’s breadth away from winning the Presidency in the final round of voting,…

An International Relations account of Brexit

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On the morning of June 25th, I woke up, as many of us, to the unexpected result that 51.9% of Britain had voted to leave the European Union. As a French citizen, whose father is British, mum is French and was born in Brussels (but lived in New York, Geneva and Brussels before coming to study in London – typical LSE story), I first and foremost feel strongly European. So as…

Do Western interests always take the lead on Western values?

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Strong debate was sparked in France last week after President François Hollande awarded the Légion d’Honneur to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef on Friday March the 4th. Not only is it surprising to see the “country of Human Rights” award their highest honour to the Minister of the Interior of an inhumane regime, but it seems even more striking that the event was hidden from all the French ministers’…