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Fighting for Free Speech in Turkey

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By Paula Grabosch Journalism is not a crime. With these words emblazoned across their banners, protesters drove through Berlin and other German cities last week in solidarity with Deniz Yücel. The #FreeDeniz movement was brought to life after the German-Turkish journalist was taken into police custody in Istanbul last Monday.   On the 14th February, the 43-year-old correspondent for German newspaper Die Welt was arrested and has now, two weeks…

Terror Plot Foiled in Germany

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By Paula Grabosch  These are turbulent times in Germany. Last Saturday the news that the police had closed off an entire neighbourhood in Chemnitz, the third largest city in Saxony, in the search of suspected terrorists planning an attack, caused a big stir all across the country. Residents were advised to stay inside their homes as the police raided an apartment in the area. As is now known, the decisive…

Editorial : This Week in News

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By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor.  Its already Week 3! Since last Tuesday, there have been some pretty interesting developments both at home and abroad,  so I thought I’d do a round up of the more riveting ones thus far. On Wednesday the 5th, Britain’s eurosceptic UKIP was plunged into chaos over party leader Diane James quitting, citing “personal and professional reasons”, only 18 days after being elected to the role….

The Darker Side For Refugees In Germany

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by Paula Grabosch, In the midst of the refugee crisis, Germany has often been prized as the role model. Looking at the facts and figures, it accepts more refugees than any other country in Europe and both the state, as well as non-governmental organisations, are providing immense support for the incoming refugees. But is the country really all that tolerant? What about the German people themselves? As a German, I…

Disquiet in Dresden: Pegida’s supporters will not be silenced

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What started in Dresden in October 2014 as a humble gathering of 350 people has spiralled into a national movement that saw as many as 40000 supporters take to the streets last Monday. Pegida is the rapidly growing and controversial anti-Islamisation movement that is sweeping throughout German cities; now, perhaps more than ever, it is vital to consider its much-questioned legitimacy and role in German policy making. Pegida is an…