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Justin Trudeau: Popular and Progressive?

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By Rajan Soni As the world moves further and further away from values of openness, integration and multiculturalism, a sprawling faction across the globe has been left feeling hopelessly disillusioned with the state of politics. For many readers, endless lamenting of the death of liberal democracy will be an all too familiar topic of conversation. But there is one name that, in the midst of woe, seems to crop up…

“We need a British Islam”: Former EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Talks to The Beaver

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Whilst writing this article, I had to balance two very difficult concerns. On the one hand I do not simply want to produce an attack article. This takes no skill, and would not be a fair reflection of the man I met in Luton. The tabloid press have done a good enough job of this already for Tommy, often on the very same pages that they print damaging stereotypes of…

Disquiet in Dresden: Pegida’s supporters will not be silenced

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What started in Dresden in October 2014 as a humble gathering of 350 people has spiralled into a national movement that saw as many as 40000 supporters take to the streets last Monday. Pegida is the rapidly growing and controversial anti-Islamisation movement that is sweeping throughout German cities; now, perhaps more than ever, it is vital to consider its much-questioned legitimacy and role in German policy making. Pegida is an…

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie Hebdo

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This article condemns the actions of the gunmen who this week took the lives of 12 people in Paris: 10 staff of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine and two police officers. It was a senseless act of violence for which there is no justification. If you were seeking support for the “they had it coming” argument please stop reading now. Secondly I will defend to the hilt the rights of the…