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Automation’s Bumpy Impact on Social Reality

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by Gabriel Zech An imminent, large-scale decrease in full-time employment means that we need to think beyond the noncomprehensive policies of income compensation.   The many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) could drastically change our lives is a theme that the film industry is increasingly delving into. Whether they conceptualise human-like robots, machines capable of developing relationships with people or computers loaded with a person’s consciousness, pondering upon futuristic…

A.I. and the Job Sector: Demon 2.0?

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By Philip Apfel  In the 18th century, when the industrial revolution meant that newly created machines were bound to render obsolete or at least fundamentally redefine many jobs, developments in the world of machinery were often met with borderline apocalyptic cris de coeur by the anxious citizen. Thomas Carlyle, a well-known satirist, philosopher and historian at the time, spoke of the “demon of mechanism” annihilating the modest workman’s source of…

LSE scores poorly in list of universities targeted by the largest numbers of top employers

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By Megan Crockett, News Editor Despite boasting about high levels of graduate employment who typically have salaries of £50,000 only five years after graduation, it has become apparent that the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) is not as high up on employers lists as one would initially think. Assertions based on research from the ‘Graduate Market’ saw that the School was placed sixteenth on the list of…